Pierogies Station Company has been founded as a connection of healthy polish cuisine and the fast food service.

Caring of details, refined recipes and a rich menu are just some of the aspects of the innovative know-how developed by Pierogies Stations. The network of Pierogies Stations has reached a success on the difficult catering market in Krakow. What is important, this success ? thanks to the careful training and support provided by franchisor ? may be repeated in almost every Polish city.

With a minor capital outlay and commitment to work you will soon serve thousands of satisfied customers in your own Pierogies Station. Learn more about one of the most beneficial franchise offers in catering and contact us:

Małgorzata 727568027
Bogusław 795860330

Owno units: 4
Franchise units: 1

Our support for franchisee:

  • we will help you find the best location for your business
  • we will support you in your negotiations with the owner of the premises
  • we will help you create a design for your Station.
  • we will give you two weeks of training
  • we will provide you with an ongoing support, continuous contact with the franchisor
  • we will award you with the manual for the ?model station?
  • we will provide you with the product know-how
  • we will provide you with the business know-how
  • we will provide you with the marketing know-how

Estimated total investment:
adaptation of the premises: 30000-50000 PLN
license fee: 9000 PLN

Basic requirements:

  • Commitment
  • Diligence
  • Positive approach
  • Hunger for Success
  • The ambition of the continuous development,
  • Join our network and establish your own Pierogies Station!